Customer Satisfaction Survey

This time, we have decided to conduct a questionnaire to all the residents in order to improve customer satisfaction.

We are preparing a QUO card as a thank you to all the respondents.

* Please answer all questions.

If it does not answer the question, it may be automatically invalidated.

* Used only for gift give away.

About your Apartment
Q1 : Choose 1 you think important other than monthly rent or initial rent.
Q2: What are the specific reasons for choosing our apartment when compared to others?
(Please answer at least two bullet points)
Q3 : How satisfy are you with our service?
Q4 : How much do you think you can sort garbage based on regional sorting rules?
About living environment
Q5 : How often do you cook in the kitchen?
Q6: What service or deal do you think convenient when using rent house?
About campaign
Q7 : What would you choose if you get our character "Umu" goods?

↑ (Official character)

Egg fairy " Umu"

Q8: Which interior design do you like?







From the perspective of protecting personal information, we will store the answers to the questionnaire you receive and will not use it for any purpose other than improving customer satisfaction. Thank you.

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